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Last reported, Togo had 198k vehicles.

73% of which are motorbikes. For a country with 8.2 million people, this equates to just over 2% of the population owning their own means of transportation. In a country lacking asphalt on most major and secondary roads, rain presents a significant problem constantly creating potholes and dangerous driving conditions. Thereby making walking equally difficult and time consuming.

From developing countries to times square, we all have one thing in common: there are 24 hours in a day. 1440 minutes. When caring for children, managing your home and working to provide every minute counts.


Your giving ensures that each of our seamstressES have access to personal transportation. In addition to allowing them to be among the 2%, it gives them more of the one thing that is the most valuable – time.

For example, Jeanette has been a seamstress on our team for 5 years. Her 7 mile walk to work each day usually averaged 1.5 hours. Imagine spending 3 hours of your day walking to and from work, with a baby in tow.

Your giving turns her 3 hour walk into 30 minutes of driving.

Financial Need:

$10,000 allows for the purchase of a motorbike, 5 additional needed.

$8,000 covers the yearly maintenance and repairs of the 9 motorbikes we own

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