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our founders



Josh and Katie Walters are the founders of the non-profit Francis + Benedict. God ignited Katie’s heart for the women of Togo when she visited there in July of 2015. Ever since that day God has burdened their hearts to see resources placed in the right hands who are making a huge difference in Togo. Francis + Benedict is the marriage of business and missions. Partnering with the most capable leaders with the goal of seeing women worldwide excel at what God has called them to.


Francis and Benedict Avoyi are our partners on the ground in Togo, encouraging and equipping the seamstresses as well as navigating all overseas operations. Being born in Togo both Francis and Benedict have a passion to see lives change and to be hope bringers in a country with incredible difficulties. These two leaders have been serving widows and orphans in Togo, West Africa since 1995 and by partnering with Francis and Benedict Global they have been able to see their impact multiplied!


our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Francis + Benedict exists to empower and equip skilled Togolese seamstresses by providing them with dignified and sustainable employment. In addition, our profits are used to resource community leaders in Togo, enabling them to continue projects that benefit orphans, widows, and those suffering in poverty.

Our handmade clothing marries American style with West African wax print textiles in order to create fashion-forward apparel for the modern woman. We aim to make a lasting global impact by using our love for people and fashion to change communities, One outfit at a time.


make a difference

We run Francis + Benedict as a business and partnership empowering the leaders, Francis and Benedict Avoyi, to continue to make a generational impact in Togo, West Africa.


Due to the fact that Togo is one of the poorest countries in the world, we use our non-profit arm to ensure 100% of all donations go directly towards our impact initiatives in Togo. With your donation and our skirt sales, we are seeing women empowered and children’s lives changed in one of the most vulnerable communities in the world.


You can make this tax deductible donation and see your money multiplied as the for-profit business is used to provide jobs alongside the non-profit, this helps ensure generational life change and freedom from poverty.


non-profit info

Francis and Benedict, Inc.

EIN  81-1002369

Mt. Pleasant, SC

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