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In recent years, Togo has ranked 134th on the UN Women’s Gender Inequality Index of 162 countries. The index reflects inequality between women and men in THE FOLLOWING AREAS:


1. reproductive health: maternal mortality ratio and adolescent birth rate

2. empowerment: share of parliamentary seats held by women


3.educational attainment: population with at least some secondary education

4. labor market participation: labor force participation rate


After ensuring basic life needs are met, access to education for our seamstress and their children is the single most important luxury in Togolese culture to help transform generations.

Your giving provides professional development and opportunity for higher education along with the school and supply fees for their children.



$100 will support one year of school supplies for a seamstress’s child.


$500 will support the school fees for a seamstress’s children for an entire year.


$6,000 will cover one year of college or trade school for a seamstress’s child.


$18,000 will cover the school fees of our seamstress’s children and 35 sponsored street children.

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