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Studies show that good nutrition is the cornerstone for survival, health and development. Well-nourished children perform better in school, grow into healthy adults and in turn give their children a better start in life. Well-nourished women face fewer risks during pregnancy and childbirth, and their children set off on firmer developmental paths, both physically and mentally.


Our nutrition plan provides meals daily for our seamstresses and their families. Your giving also allows us to hold food drives providing meals to street children and surrounding villages in need.


 $20 will support one month of healthy breakfast and lunches for a seamstress.


$6,000 will support a year’s worth of healthy breakfasts and lunches for our Togo Team and their children.

$3,600 will allow us to employ a local cook to prepare food for our team.

$10,000 will provide a food drop in a local village providing 7 days worth of meals for 420 people. We have a goal of two food drops a year.

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