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In a developing country, it takes generations to build a home. One generation may lay the foundation and the next inherits the land and builds the walls, another generation may put on a roof, and it goes on and on. In 2024 our special project focus will be to complete our seamstresses housing project. A home completed in a short time span for multiple generations to enjoy the fullness of the home.

this home will will offer safety in the amenities: clean running water, electricity, air conditioning, secure doors that lock. It will offer safety and stability in their locations as well. The multi acre lot we purchased for these homes are located in Lomé close to the F+B Shop, the children's school, and the local police station.


We finished the surveying this summer and are currently in the progress of building the homes. For 25k we can build a 2 bedroom home and in a moment establish the peace of mind and generational impact it usually creates years to establish.


Our goal is to keep this a secret and on the 1st week of December in 2024, then take all 7 seamstresses to receive a home of their own! We currently have 5 of 7 homes funded, as you are praying through your yearly giving we would love for you to partner with us by sponsoring one of these homes and forever change the life of one of our seamstresses and her family. 

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