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As a country, Togo has 383 registered doctors to serve a population of 8.8 million. With capacity already being the major issue to serve those in need, proximity and finances become the major hurdles to overcome.


Togo has no middle class. There is extreme wealth and extreme poverty, leaving health care primarily to those who can afford it. In fact, in most rural villages, Pastors are the initial contact in the event of an emergency.


With no medical training, they leverage iPhones to take and text pictures of injuries and urgent needs to receive counsel and best care for people. For a country that is 320 miles long and predominately rural, medical care, if received, is often toO late, causing people to live with the natural consequences of their injury or illness.

The average annual income in Togo is $990, ranking 191 of 195 countries, sufficient for livelihood, but not medical care in the event of an emergency.


Your giving ensures that our Seamstresses and their children are ensured quality healthcare when needed.



$50 will support one month of healthcare for a seamstress.


$1250 will support one month of healthcare for all of the seamstress’s and their children.


$22,000 will provide one year of healthcare for the entire team in Togo (17 people)

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