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The Year of Jubilee: 2023 Vision

1. The House of Peace – is the name we’ve given our facility in Togo! By God’s grace, it has
been and will continue to be a a place that ushers peace into the lives of our
seamstresses, their children and our guests. We’ve recently had a 40ft shipping
container delivered here in Mt. Pleasant and over the course of the next two months we
will be filling it with the needed décor and furnishings from plates to pillows and
everything in between. Our hope is that the facility feels like a place that you would call
home! When seamstresses, advocates, families, or missions teams are at the facility
their they find the comfort, refreshment and resources they need to go out and impact
the community. In order to furnish the facility we’ve populated a wish list for each
room. As you are wrapping up your Christmas shopping or praying through year end
giving we’d love to invite you to purchase a portion of the needed furnishings.

2. The Year of Jubilee – is what we are calling 2023! Pastor Francis turns 50 and we have 7
seamstresses who have been with us for all 7 of the years we have been a company.
Biblically, in the year of Jubilee 3 things happen: property is returned to its original
owner, captives are set free and it is a year of simple living. Essentially, it is a fresh start
for the people of God and the land in which they live. In a developing country, it takes
generations to build a home. One generation may lay the foundation and the next
inherits the land and builds the walls, another generation may put on a roof etc. For 24k
we can build a 2 bedroom home and in a moment establish the peace of mind and
generational impact it usually creates years to establish. Our goal is to keep this a secret
and on the 1st week of December in 2023, take all 7 seamstresses to receive a home of
their own. We currently have 4 of 7 homes funded, as you are praying through year end
giving we would love for you to partner with us by sponsoring one of them and forever
changing the life of one of our seamstresses and her family.
We are so excited about what is to come and praise God for your prayers and support. If you
have any questions in regards to giving or either of these initiatives I’d love to talk! Just reply to
this email and we can schedule some time together.

Thankful for you!
Josh Walters
Director, Non-Profit

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